Benefits for the company

Największy wybór metod płatności

Widest selection of payment methods

Przelewy24 Service renders automatic payments by on-line transfer available from over 327 banks in Poland, as well as by credit card (Visa Classic, Visa Electron, EuroCard/MasterCard, Diners Club, PBK, JCB). We also offer mobile payments, international - multi-currency payment systems, SMS Premium, SMS MT, IVR payments, recurring payments and many others.

Pełen nadzór nad transkacjami

Total supervision of the transaction

Sellers who have decided to use Przelewy24 system gain access to the administrator panel which allows to track the current balance of pending payments. Additionally, the store is automatically informed on-line of each and every credited payment.

Niskie koszty eksploatacji

Lower operating cost

We offer our system at attractive and transparent prices. No subscription or fixed fees included.

Prosta instalacja

Simple installation process

Full installation process takes one day only. Once the formal issues have been dealt with, we offer ready-to-use scripts and modules.


Pewność transakcji

Guarantee of transaction

Each and every transaction result sent to the store requires feedback verification in order to confirm that it was effected by Przelewy24. All the confirmations transferred from Przelewy24 guarantee that the seller’s account has been credited with the amounts due. The high-risk transactions with credit cards are subject to an additional verification process, which practically eliminates the risk of fraud transactions.

Łatwe rozliczenie należności

Simple due amount clearing system

The money paid in by the clients credit the seller’s account in Przelewy24 system. All the withdrawals are carried out within 24 hours of the order placement date, according to the withdrawals schedule chosen by the seller.