The online payment system BLIK is a perfect way of making easy and safe online shopping.
It enables phone users to make payments not only online, but also at local stores, cafés
and service points. It also enables customers to use their phones to make fast cash withdrawals from ATMs.


The introduction of BLIK in Poland constitutes a milestone in the creation of the national, common payment standard based on modern technologies. BLIK allows mobile phone users to make payments in stores, cafés and service points, withdraw cash from ATMs, as well as to pay online.

All you need to pay for online purchases safely and easily is a phone.  There’s no need to provide credit card details or recall Internet banking access data.

The method is particularly convenient, comprehensive and safe, because it only requires a smartphone in order to pay in stores and withdraw cash. Additionally, other functionalities such as generating cheques or instant transfers to a phone number between customers of different banks are unique for the PSP mobile system.

What are the distinguishing features of BLIK?

  • Convenience - all you need to pay for your online purchase is a phone (you don't need a credit card or bank account access).
  • Security - a single-use, six-digit code, valid for only two minutes is generated for each transaction.

Przelewy24 allows BLIK payments  at all points of sale integrated with the service.