Przelewy24 facilitates payments made with multi-currency wallets PayPal and Skrill. Our offer also includes universal mobile phone or website payment systems, i.e., YetiPay and SkyCash wallets.



PayPal is a payment method selected by almost 200 million users worldwide (including 900 thousand payers in Poland) who pay in 26 currencies on 190 world markets. PayPal users can pay with credit cards or PayPal accounts which can be credited by bank transfers or transfers from another PayPal account.

Przelewy24 offers seller protection for PayPal users. The activation of PayPal at a website allows customers to make faster and safer online payments including payments with mobile devices.


  • comfort and simplicity - PayPal account users do not have to remember credit card or bank account numbers,
  • global reach - opportunity to buy and sell in Poland or abroad, in a selected currency, using a selected language and operating a selected device,
  • mobility and ease - the payment website is adjusted to every mobile device and the mobile application allows access to a PayPal account from any place and at any time,
  • seller protection - in case the payment sent by the customer is not authorized by the credit card owner or the buyer claims not to have received the purchased item and the transaction is blocked or cancelled, PayPal will help recover the full amount of the transaction.


Skrill is a global payment network operating in over 35 countries and supporting over 35 currencies. It is developing dynamically in Poland, with the number customers constantly increasing. Przelewy24 supports the Skrill e-wallet, so that customers can pay from their account in the system. The account can be topped up with a card or a transfer in any currency.

Payment cards supported by Skrill: VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, American Express, SOLO (for customers from GB). Przelewy24 supports cards issued both by Polish and foreign banks.


YetiPay is a modern system of micro-payments created for online business. It is a perfect tool for those who want to make shopping more convenient for their users.

YetiPay micro-payments system is suitable for selling low-price products and virtual services, as well as for donations for foundations or bloggers. Easy and fast integration enables the seller to accept the payment and automatically activate the purchased product or service within 2 seconds. YetiPay works like an electronic wallet, i.e., the buyer credits their account in YetiPay and makes payments to the selected Partners using this account. The transactions can be anonymous, which is considered an important feature of the system.


  • swiftness and directness – the payment is made with two clicks (immediate access to the product without providing unnecessary data),
  • ease - you need to credit your YetiPay account just once to make instant payments anywhere on the Internet,
  • real-time transactions - access user's payments upon transaction approval,
  • security - the system assures online banking transaction security standards. All transactions are monitored 24/7.


SkyCash is a universal mobile phone payment system independent from telecommunications operators. It guarantees facility and swiftness of transfers, while maintaining the highest security standards.

With SkyCash you can buy, for example, public transportation, train or cinema tickets, make transfers to any phone number, pay for parking or top up your pre-paid mobile phone safely and easily.

Thanks to dedicated applications devised for the most popular operating systems, such as iPhone (iOS), Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Java, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry, virtually each and every mobile phone owner with access to the Internet can use SkyCash. The system facilitates instant transfers to any of the 40 million active mobile phone numbers in Poland. The payees don't even have to be SkyCash users. All it takes is to transfer money to a payee’s phone number.