Hire purchase e-Raty

systemy ratalne e-raty
The systems we provide are innovative online solutions that allow buyers to make transactions, including obtaining a credit or a loan, within 15 minutes, without the need to leave home, use courier services or go through any additional formalities. Hire purchase systems available now: Alior installments, Sygma installments, mBank installments, Santander installments.

Hire purchase e-Raty

The innovative hire purchase systems provided by Przelewy24 are online solutions that allow customers to make online transactions without the need to leave home or go through any unnecessary formalities.

  1. By choosing the E-raty payment method, the Customer is transferred to the bank’s website in order to fill in a credit application.
  2. Once the application is submitted, the Customer returns to the Seller's website, the application is sent to the bank for analysis, and the Customer receives a submission confirmation.
  3. Upon positive verification, the bank sends a credit agreement to be approved by the Customer.
  4. The Customer approves the agreement online.
  5. The final acceptance is a message to the store that the goods may be shipped to the Customer.
  6. The credit agreement is financed by the bank.

The hire purchase system may be implemented directly at the website. This solution provides additional possibilities that increase service functionality – e.g. an online instalment calculator - displayed under an available product. We offer a 0% campaign, with or without insurance, and assistance during the implementation. We also provide the possibility of dividing the due amount into the amount to be paid by bank transfer and the remaining amount to be covered by the selected hire purchase system.

Main advantages:

  • flexible crediting term (3-36 months),
  • fast processing time (the average time from submitting an application to a positive decision - about 15 minutes),
  • no unnecessary formalities or courier service,
  • the procedure is 100% online.

Przelewy24 charges no additional commissions on purchases made in the hire purchase system.