SMS Premium

SMS Premium
Bank transfers constitute 80-90% of online payments in the Polish e-commerce. In order to meet the needs and expectations of customers, Przelewy24 provides full automatic operation for 165 banks, which is now the widest range on the Polish electronic payments market.

SMS Premium

The SMS Premium service enables making payments over the phone or by an SMS, by means of Premium numbers.


This service is recommended for systems designed to respond to customers’ SMS messages. The installation involves sending to the customer the contents of an SMS and the number to which the SMS should be sent. The tool is used for selling serial numbers for software.


The seller posts a number to which an SMS should be sent on their website. The user sends an SMS to the indicated number. In reply, they receive a WAP-PUSH message with a link generated during the configuration process.


The service allows sending feedback in the form of text messages or providing full access to the website content. Used for organizing loyalty programs and informing about discounts, the service supports interactive marketing communication.

P24 Code

This service allows Sellers to offer access to paid parts of Internet services for PLN 0.5 - 25 net.

It may be used to provide access to the following:

  • archives of press and information portals,
  • resources of music and film services,
  • game portals,
  • paid advertising services,
  • faster downloads,
  • betting,
  • online communities,
  • resources of portals offering ringtones, wallpapers, logos, horoscopes, etc.


The service facilitates cyclic delivery of paid contents to registered users (according to a pre-defined schedule).

SMS MT is recommended for partners who collect subscription charges or fees for access to content.

SMS Marketing

The communication channel supports e-commerce and is used in many marketing activities, such as:

  • single or bulk SMS service,
  • advertising new offers,
  • providing information regarding the status of currently processed orders,
  • payment confirmation,
  • important deadline and meeting reminders
  • delivery of one-time authorisation codes.

The system is pre-paid. Additional packages of required sizes are available anytime, without fixed charges.

SMS Premium