Fast withdrawals and instant refunds

Fast withdrawals and instant refunds
Partners of Przelewy24 automatically receive funds from transactions according to the schedule pre-set by them. The service guarantees free processing of refunds.

Fast withdrawals and instant refunds


The funds paid by customers are collected on the seller's bank account at Przelewy24. The partner configures the withdrawals schedule by selecting one of the available options:

  • by date - every 1, 2, 3, 7, 14 days, the last day of a month, the first day of a month,
  • by amount - upon accrual of a particular amount of money,
  • on demand - upon clicking the right button in the administration panel.

Withdrawals are executed immediately upon receiving the payment order. The money is usually sent from the same bank in which the seller has the company account.


We enable an instant refund of customer's payment - both in case of payments made by bank transfer and credit card. There is a possibility of returning the total amount or making a partial refund, e.g., for a single product. Refunds can be made via API or the administration panel of Przelewy24.

Fast withdrawals and instant refunds
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