One Click Payment - single click purchase


One-click payment enables buying products, services or subscriptions online - at a website or through a mobile application - with a single click, without the need for creating user’s account in the payment service provider's system. The feature enables the seller to adjust the payment process at the convenience of his loyal customers. In the course of the payment process, the customer doesn't have to enter payment card details or log into the banking system.

One Click Payment

Thanks to the one-click service provided by Przelewy24, the buyer doesn't have to create an account and log into the payment service provider's system. The whole process is based on a card or bank token. The customer can save several cards or banks on a given website/in an application. The whole communication depends on individual requirements of the seller. The seller doesn't receive any sensitive data (e.g. card number), so the proposed solution doesn't require any additional certification. It reduces the transaction time and has a positive influence on conversion, providing the final user with convenient payments, regardless of the type of device they use.

Speed and convenience

  • reducing the time spent on shopping - payments made in less than 0.5 second,
  • the payment process is based on a bank or card token - the customer doesn't log into the account in the payment service provider's system,
  • the customer can associate several cards or banks with their account in the payment service provider's system,
  • the interface of the transaction panel is configured by the seller,
  • adjusting the transaction panel to the layout and functionality of a store or an application,
  • convenience of mobile and web transactions, regardless of the device used.


  • the solution doesn't require a PCI certificate from the seller,
  • store/application doesn't have access to the card owner’s data,
  • neither Przelewy24 nor the seller get the buyer’s banking login or password.